Visit to artist Casey Brink’s downtown Jamestown lair.

Visit to artist Casey Brink’s downtown Jamestown lair.

We recently visited artist Casey Brink in his cool downtown Jamestown apartment. Casey is a brilliant painter who is constantly working as an artist – he’s been that way for over 17 years. His colorful oil paintings are usually multi-layered and contain many techniques.

Casey is a wonderful, loving person who is always ready to show the world his art. Walking into his apartment, you see stacks of paintings everywhere. It’s an art lover’s dream. Casey is also a lot of fun, so it’s no wonder that he has a disco ball hanging from his ceiling.

Doug’s Takeaway: Celebrate your local visual artists. Your attendance at an art show is a way you can support your local artists. 

Colorful large-scale paintings everywhere.
Large paintings.


Artist Casey Brink not afraid to regulate if need be.


Ready for the holidays at artist Casey Brink’s downtown Jamestown apartment.


Hitting the Pepsi hard during our visit.


Mirror and downtown Jamestown in the background.
Casey Brink work space.
Glitter pillows.
Holding court.
Anna and some weird guy.
Shouldn’t every house own a disco ball?
Artist Casey Brink’s downtown Jamestown set-up.