Introducing children to art

Introducing children to art

There are so many benefits to introducing children to art. A study from University of Arkansas says that visits to art galleries can help kids achieve higher levels of critical thinking, tolerance and empathy.

Kid standing in front of Keith Haring painting
Brett being introduced to Keith Haring

On two consecutive weekends, I took a separate child family member to the Castellani Art Museum on the campus of Niagara University. I wanted to introduce these kids to the world of art and be able to try to discuss what we were viewing. In some ways, I am introducing the kids about what it means to be an individual – someone with independent thoughts and views.

Of course, after a visit to the art gallery we had to go to the Hard Rock Cafe in Niagara Falls for some grub.

Mia in front of greatness. Jean Michel Basquiat.
Kids visiting art galleries
Brett in front of an untitled piece by Richard Joseph Anuszkiexicz, 1977.
Visiting art galleries with children
When we enter a room in the gallery, Brett and I would pick out our favorite piece.
Mia visiting Keith Haring. She recognized Haring’s works from prints hanging on the walls of our house.
So happy and proud to see a piece by Laura Minor (from my hometown of Frewsburg, NY). In 2000-2002, we hosted art shows in a local bar. They were a big hit. Laura was one of our featured artists at that time.