SitlerHQ presents NIGHT LIGHTS at Griffis Sculpture Park

SitlerHQ presents NIGHT LIGHTS at Griffis Sculpture Park

For the 10th consecutive autumn, Griffis Sculpture Park will be illuminated in colorful theatrical lighting when NIGHT LIGHTS at Griffis Sculpture Park returns on Friday, September 9, 2022. A portion of the legendary park’s landscape and sculptures are seen in a whole different light. NIGHT LIGHTS is a successful fundraiser for the United States’ largest sculpture park – and a Western New York gem.

large praying mantis sculpture in led lights
Photo by Scott Haenlin

NIGHT LIGHTS blends creative lighting, sculpture, sound, and nature to deliver an unforgettable outdoor experience. At NIGHT LIGHTS, guests are able to venture on an unguided walk through a portion of the Mill Valley Rd site of the sculpture park, where the trails and sculptures will interact with creative lighting – creating a truly unique experience. The walk is about .7 miles and is on an up-and-back nature trail that goes through forests and fields. Some of the Griffis Sculpture Park’s favorite sculptures, such at the Praying Mantis, The Bathers, The Mushrooms and more are bathed in light.

Guests are encouraged to dress for outdoor conditions and bring flashlights for a few darker sections of the trail.

NIGHT LIGHTS occurs on 18 evenings, spread out over six weeks. The final evening is Saturday, October 15, 2022. will be open 18 nights for guests to walk some of the park’s trails to experience the interaction between lights, nature and art.  

Week 1: Fri. September 9 to Sat. September 10, 2022

Week 2: Thurs. September 15 to Sat. September 17, 2022

Week 3: Thurs. September 22 to Sat. September 24, 2022

Week 4: Thurs. September 29 to Sat. October 1, 2022

Week 5: Thurs, October 6 to Sun. October 9, 2022

Week 6: Thurs. October 14 to Sat. October 15, 2022

Admission will be $14 adults, $9 children 12 to 7, and free for six and under. Night Lights can be canceled due to heavy rain. Ticket info can be found here on EventBrite:

.NIGHT LIGHTS at Griffis Sculpture Park is produced by SitlerHQ. The lighting and event company also produced the award-winning NIGHT LIGHTS at the Gardens (Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens), NIGHT LIGHTS at The Heron (Sherman, NY), and NIGHT LIGHTS at Nannen Arboretum (Ellicottville, NY). They created their first NIGHT LIGHTS show in 2009.

Over 250 sculptures reside at the 300-acre Griffis Sculpture Park, making it the United States largest sculpture park. The park is owned and operated by the Ashford Hollow Foundation, which also owns the Essex Arts Center in Buffalo, NY. The mission of the Ashford Hollow Foundation is to promote the visual and performing arts as well as construct a dynamic relationship between the arts and education in Western New York to better its young people and the greater community.

Female sculpture illuminated with LED lights
Photo by Scott Haenlin